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What should I wear?

This might be the best news ever. You don't have to buy a single thing! I have a large selection of items in my client closet for you to borrow for your session to flatter sizes XXS - 6X. We'll be flirting with options while you get pampered for your session.

Can I bring my friend with me?

This experience is best had by working together one on one. I know it seems scary to do on your own, but your undivided attention is how to keep the focus on you. I'll be all the hype woman you need!

What if I have no idea how to pose?

Don’t worry about posing. I totally have you covered in that department. I knows all the tricks to create the most flattering angles for you, no matter what shape or size you are.

Will my photos be shared online?

One of the first things we’ll discuss is your privacy. Some people prefer to have zero images shared anywhere. Some are okay with me posting to our private and secure FB group online for other clients to see, and some don’t mind having their images shown on my public outlets. We will discuss your preference after booking.

Can you just photoshop me skinny?

If I had a dollar for every time this was asked... My job is to pose you in a way that flatters your every curve leaving no need for excessive retouching. Don't worry, I always clean up blemishes and any bulges created by straps and such, but if it'll be there in two weeks, I leave it alone.

I'm really nervous, is that normal?

It is definitely normal to be nervous for your boudoir session, so don't worry. Most of our clients are nervous until the session has gone on for a few minutes. After it starts, you’ll begin to loosen up.

What should I bring to my session?

I have a wide selection of wardrobe, so you don't have to bring anything. DO bring any special items of yours or your partners to incorporate, though.

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